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Q and A with Parresia Publishers

LARA: Hello Besi, thank you for agreeing to this brief Q&A session, my first question for you is how are you today? How excited are you to answer these questions? Don’t worry they are all easy to answer!

BESI: Hello Lara! Thank you for having me. I’m pretty excited and can’t wait to dig into the Q & A session.

LARA: The first question I have for you is how did you discover you had stories in you, which you wanted to share with the world?

BESI: For as long as I can remember, I have always had a deep urge to write stories. As a teenager, the people and things around me fascinated me, and I would take these happenings and create magical stories. I would then show my work to neighbours and friends. It was encouraging to receive positive feedback from them.

LARA: What author would you say is your greatest influence when it comes to your writing and why?

BESI: That’s a good question. Considering that every author has a unique style, I cannot pick a specific author as a favourite. However, Wole Soyinka and Zaynab Alkali have had the strongest influence on me. Soyinka’s “The Trials of Brother Jero” and Alkali’s “The Stillborn” stand out as my all-time favourite pieces of work. I admire Soyinka’s satirical style of writing and the delicate way he brings complex characters to life. Alkali’s style is intricately unique and often even controversial! Overall, they are both phenomenal writers.

LARA: Why did you write Emilio Sanchez? What is the inspiration behind the story and the direction in which it followed?

BESI: Emilio Sanchez’s story is so dear to me. I have always admired the Spanish culture and wanted this narrative to be a blend of Spanish and African influence. While carrying out my research I was gobsmacked to discover that one of the official languages of Equatorial Guinea is Spanish. 

The inspiration of the book comes from a need to tell a story revolving around the key elements of Friendship, Trust and Loyalty. I had to ask myself – how would a teenager cope when their trust in a confidante is shattered?

LARA: Being the author of Emilio Sanchez, this should be an easy question for you to answer, how would you convince a potential reader to read it?

BESI: Emilio Sanchez is an exciting short story interwoven with mystery and wisdom. It’s a young adult’s journey to self-discovery.

Although the book is targeted at teenagers, it’s a great read for adults too. I would encourage anyone to grab a copy of Emilio Sanchez and read it. It is a thrilling, fast-paced story that underscores important life lessons.

LARA: We have come to the end of this brief Q&A session, so my final question for you today is what do you have planned next in your authoring journey?

BESI: Oh well, I’m currently working on the sequel of Emilio Sanchez. I hope to keep doing what I love most, which is writing. By God’s grace, expect more from me in the future. I would also like to encourage young people out there not to give up on their dreams… fall in love with your hobby and believe you can achieve whatever you set your mind on. Thank you again for having me!


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