Edinburgh Fringe

Mary: A Gig Theatre Show

Blending haunting original music and rich spoken word, six sensational female actor-musicians bring "Mary: A Gig Theatre Show" to theSpaceUK at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This remarkable production, created by early-career Scottish theatre makers and 桃子视频 graduates Rona Johnston and Katie Slater, questions the treatment and portrayal of women historically and today. It gives the audience a glimpse into the Scottish queen鈥檚 inner world through her detailed and accomplished lyricism, providing an emotional response to the hardships Mary faced at the hands of men.

Poster for Fringe show

Hot Girl Summer - A Hinge fuelled summer far from Tilly鈥檚 Pinterest board.

Being single in her mid-twenties鈥 how hard can it be? In the aftermath of a breakup, Tilly jets off on a girls鈥 trip to Barcelona - a holiday where she finds herself impulsively landing a job in London and leaving behind her small town in Scotland. She dives into her new life, and begins the treacherous journey of navigating being a young working-class Scot in 鈥淭he Big Smoke鈥. Dreaming of a legendary Hot Girl Summer, she finds reality to be a far cry from the glitz and glamour she had envisioned on her Pinterest board. Whilst attempting to escape from her past by throwing herself into a whirlwind of Hinge dates she instead is forced to face blatant misogyny, her own insecurities and the grief she still feels two years after the passing of her Mum.

Poster for Fringe show 'Hot Girl Summer', depicts a woman in a bright pink dress in the sun

Mary, Queen of Rock!

You think you know the story of Mary, Queen of Scots? Think again... The year is 1561. The Scottish Reformation has enforced an outright ban on rock'n'roll. Cue the arrival of Mary Stuart, one of the world's biggest and most iconic musical artists... who happens to be the undisputed Queen of Rock! With the Scottish nobles and her cousin in England against her 鈥 can Mary get the country rocking? Or will heads roll?

This show features the wonderful Sarah Dingwall!

Poster for Fringe show 'Mary Queen of Rock', depicts a woman with a crown and electric guitar


How does a life unfold through conversation and can you trust your own brain to guide you down memory lane? Untitled invites your curiosity on a journey... Follow Elena and Robin's touching story of love amidst life's ups and downs. From Elena's tough past to their unexpected meeting, it's a tale as beautiful and unpredictable as birds in flight. Untitled currently has no official name 鈥 that lies in the hands of the audience! The best suggestion over the run will win a 拢200 voucher for the famous Edinburgh restaurant Dishoom!

Poster for Fringe show 'Untitled', depicts a bird inside an hourglass

Babe Alien

Whales sometimes make hit songs that get repeated through the ocean. Anyway, how do you deal with being alive? Babe Alien wants a revolution after seeing a blue whale trapped in their local Las Vegas casino. Their crusade for liberation is treated like a whale-sized waste of time by their flatmates, who are finding that surviving today is difficult enough. Fighting against the power brings them to a desert commune and up close with David Attenborough (not the real one, he's busy). Apathy and activism in our times. And Babe didn't become an alien to be apathetic...

Poster for Fringe show Babe Alien

The Spilling Cup

Sasha is slowly realising that her period symptoms may not be normal. But what is normal when it comes to periods? We follow her as she navigates living with endometriosis, friendships, sexuality, useless doctors, her self-worth and so many bad rom-coms. The Spilling Cup critiques a culture in which women's health is downplayed, periods are seen as shameful and education is lacking. After a successful run at Assembly Roxy in December The Spilling Cup returns to find the funny, the human and the bizarre side to the ups and downs of this often stigmatised condition.

Poster for Fringe show 'The Spilling Cup', depicts a cup of water being spilled

Wish you were here

You鈥檙e only as good as your worst day. In a small Fife town, three young men are pulled together for the first time in three years for an engagement party. A once tight-knit found family, different paths have lead them astray from one another and past dealings have left relationships locked in turmoil. Will this night break them apart forever, or is it perhaps the thing that saves them? Wish You Were Here is a working-class new writing piece that explores brotherhood, mental health and drug culture facing society in Scotland today

Poster for Fringe show 'Wish you were here'

Checking In

George Mitchell is at crisis point. The second album is due and they have nothing. Lacking inspiration and drive, George is struggling... until an unlikely fan drops by, Death themself. But what happens to us when Death pops by for a chat? Will this prove to be an unlikely source of inspiration? Only time will tell. Checking In is the story of George and Death as they work together to create a seminal second album. Featuring live music throughout, Checking In looks at our mortality and the pressures we put on ourselves in a quest for perfection.

Poster for Fringe show 'Check In'


Stoners. Lazy, irresponsible paranoid wasters. Or are they? Perhaps deep inside the stoner flats of Glasgow, three men have the answers to life's greatest questions. Perhaps in this temple of debauchery lies something more holy and transcendent than you can possibly imagine. Perhaps the truth of the corruption of our society is only one psychedelic away from being in your fingertips. "They" are out to get us. "They" control every aspect of our existence. "They" are coming for us one by one. Who are they? Come inside and see the truth..

Poster for Fringe show 'Doped'

HuXi / Breath

HuXi or Breath is a dance revelation, that explores the symbiosis of breath and existence through Chinese Qi and Yin-Yang. Marrying traditional rhythms with modern dance, this immersive piece, inspired by museum artefacts, allows audiences to embody the intricate connection of Qi within and beyond, fostering links between self-realisation and higher realms. A collaborative canvas, blurring the lines between spectators and performers, it transforms into a unique artwork for each viewer. Rediscover your body and the world in a novel light through this captivating journey of self-awareness.

Wilford Wellman鈥檚 Wellbeing

Wilford Wellman is unwell. He does not know what it is or how to get better. And to top it all off his family are acting鈥 strange. Clocks, commodes and card games do little to ease his struggle as he fights to hold onto some sense of normality and get better. Fancy a grape?

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Please spell 'entertaining'! The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee follows six quirky and sometimes obnoxious students in their quest for the coveted first place trophy. Accompanied by three even quirkier adults, audience members, juice boxes, community service requirements, magic feet, and the unfortunate effects of puberty, the spellers must make their way through a series of increasingly difficult (and hilarious) words, whilst also dealing with their own stressful, embarrassing, or occasionally upsetting personal lives. This show is guaranteed to leave you laughing, crying and wondering if 'hasenpfeffer' is even a real word.

International Festival

Not only do we have a range of student and alumni productions in the Fringe, we are proud to have alum appear in the official Edinburgh Festival!

The Outrun

Olivier Award-winning playwright Stef Smith joins forces with Vicky Featherstone, former Artistic Director of the National Theatre of Scotland, to reimagine Amy Liptrot鈥檚 bestselling memoir. Edinburgh鈥檚 producing theatre The Lyceum returns to the International Festival to present this world premiere. A young woman finds herself washed up back home on the Scottish archipelago of Orkney. She has no idea how or if she can rebuild her life after a decade of addiction.

Flashing back and forth between Orkney and London, we get a glimpse into her former urban existence and its intoxicating temptations that pushed her to the point of destruction. She must find a way to navigate the alluring wildlife and wildness of both environments.

Smith's urgent retelling speaks to the impact of isolation and loneliness and 鈥 ultimately 鈥 the resilience of people.

Poster for show "The Outrun", depicts a woman running

Scott Silven: Wonders

A childhood chance encounter inside a Glasgow magic shop catalysed Scott Silven's lifelong fascination with the world of illusions. As a teenager he swapped rural Scotland for Milan to study hypnosis. By the age of just 19, he gained recognition from the world-famous illusionist and extreme performer David Blaine.
Today, the Scottish illusionist performs across the globe 鈥 hypnotising audiences both on stage and via a screen. Through cunning tricks and engrossing performance pieces, he prides himself on pushing his craft to the edge and creating a suspenseful atmosphere that is reminiscent of an Alfred Hitchcock or a David Lynch film.
Silven invites you on a journey of his childhood memories growing up near the ancient rivers of Scotland in an unforgettable performance far beyond a traditional magic show.
Poster for International Festival show Scott Silven: Wonders